The Still Beauty of a Montana Ghost Town

This collection of photos were taken at Bannack Ghost town in Montana. I was able to explore this state park and enjoy in the history each building contained and relish in the authentic nature each building and or item contained.

‘Forgotten’. For this photo, I chose a chair in a building. This chair evoked emotion and depth. I took a bracketed image and was able to merge these photos and create a really nice shot. I burned the cracks on the wall and the shadows of the baseboards to create depth.

‘Hot Seat’. This photo was taken at the top of the school building. This chair and the line of other chairs was interesting to me so I decided to snap them. I cropped the photo and created a different perspective. I was able to burn the shadows and create a bigger depth and feel to the photo.

‘Reach for the Sky’. This photo was taken very quickly. I had no idea how it was going to turn out. I managed to add some extra burn to the shadows to evoke a seriousness to the photo. I then added the burn to the holster. I added a radius tool to the gun to make the light pop off it.

‘Caged Home’. This photo was taken in a sort of chicken coop. I intentionally took it with the house in the background in mind. I added burn to the shadows, raised the contrast, and added saturation to the house

“Schooled”. I snapped this one of the school houses. I cropped it in a bit because the sealing and the left window were both too prominent in the photo. It was highly distracting to me. I then added burn on all the sides of the desks. I added a Lightroom preset of the black and white to give it more depth and emotion.