Making Food Photography into Fine Art Prints

Taking an amazing shot worthy of your wall involves lots of prep work and post work. Food photography is an art that involves setups and can be done in a variety of different ways. Food photography can range from dessert to fully cooked meals. I chose to focus on what makes food amazing, spices. The set up was on a wooden floor that had lots of texture and grit. The lighting was all natural from in the middle of the day. I chose not to use any flash or any other external light because the spices looked great without any added light. If I were to choose to photograph with the light it would’ve been blown out and had lots of flashback from the metal spoons. If I were to use the photography method of studio lighting, the food would have to be in a completely different setup. Food photography is completely up to you and your own artistic abilities and vision. The outcome will be whatever you want to put into it. This photo that I set up took about 15 mins to get it just right. Then the actual taking of the photo, making sure every single spice spoon was in focus and enough light was getting on everything, took quite a bit of time. The final photo I have is what I had envisioned and exactly what goes into food photography. Dive in and make your vision come true!

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