How to Make Engaging Food Photography Photos

Taking photos of food is everyone’s favorite hobby!  With the introduction of cameras and social media, everyone can take amazing photos and easily share them. To stand out in the sea of food photographers you need to create themes that are engaging for your audience. To branch out and be different, start by picking a theme that compliments your food setups. This can seem like a challenge but try to make things simple by going back to the basics. Appetizer, main course, and dessert are great options for food themes. Photographing these food setups can be fun!

Main Course

I opted to do breakfast for my main course and focused on a traditional breakfast of waffles. The cups and silverware can be great props to add depth to your food setup. Photos can be bland if you don’t just take photos of your plate of breakfast food.


For this food set up, I had a simple plate of salsa. To up this photo I added different complimentary props to make to food much more appetizing. Choosing different angles can make your photo stand out even more! I chose this piece of bread as the main focus with my cheese and appetizer platter in the background.


Placing fruit on dessert is everything! The drizzle of strawberry or the placing of several pieces of the same dessert makes the slice you are photographing much more enticing.

Human Aspect

You can also make a food photograph amazing with hands or people. Adding a human element to food photography doesn’t detract from the fact that it is all about the food! Make your food photography human inclusive and opt to have friends or family showcase your food setups!

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