How to Make Your Products Stand Out

If you want a successful business then you need to showcase your products in a way so that people will want to buy them. Product photography is that way to help further your sales. Knowing how to stylize, light, and edit your products will set you apart from other companies and businesses.

Stylizing Products is Key

When you are taking photos of your products, you need to stylize them. The different props and backdrop you use should be reflective of what the brand or product sells. As you can see for my shaving cream photo I used a razor as a prop and used some of the shaving cream on the actual can.

Lighting is so Vital for a Product’s Success with Consumers.

As you can see, my above photo is flat. It has no depth and almost washes out the colors of the product. This lighting setup was fantastic but I had my settings shooting a bit too dark. The setup was a classic softbox with a four light setup. To correctly light your product, you have to think about several things beforehand. You have to think of what mood/tone your product is going to exude and what the theme of the brand is. Nike does a great job with this method. They choose a specific theme and set up their products It all matches not only the theme of the campaign but also the theme of the brand. Adam Guzman does a fantastic job of this for Nike.

A favorite photographer of mine is Peter Belanger. Check out his website for more inspiration on lighting and how to stylize a product photography shoot.