Shooting Men’s Fashion Photography

Men’s fashion photography is a great way to build your portfolio and showcase your amazing clothing and men’s fashion line. Each photo was taken on the same day but in entirely different setups. The photos were all taken at the Venue in Rigby, Idaho. Their space was large enough for my friends and me to set up different light style stations. The men in these photos had not modeled professionally before, which was no challenge for me to photograph. To get the best photos you will want to be sure to direct your models in ways that not only accentuate the clothing line but make the men seem sleek or fashionable. If you search on google fashion photography may see all the poses to be extravagant. These poses are great ways to showcase different articles of clothing in the same fashion line. Each pose can show off a different item the men are showcasing. Knowing these poses can be helpful when you are wanting to emphasize in your photography on a different fashion item.

These fashion photography portraits were all edited with Lightroom Classic cc.

A big thanks to all the wonderful models! Click on their name to check out their Instagram!

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