The Edge of a Degree

Do you have a favorite movie? Do you wish you could’ve starred in that movie? Well, guess what, you can! With a little bit of photoshop and some photography skills, you too can be in that movie. I love the movie Edge of Seventeen because of the portrayal of the teenage years. The movie itself was a funny and creative take on an average high school experience. I chose to recreate that poster because of the simplistic nature of the design. I also loved how the movie poster demonstrated the mood of the whole film.

The photo was originally taken outside using my canon t6i. I shot with direct sunlight to get the best lighting of my face. I then took the photo into photoshop and used the direct selection tool to highlight my body. I dragged the highlighted outline of my image and put it into an illustrator page. I created an 11x17 illustrator outline and put in a similar black bar like the original poster. The font on the movie poster was one I downloaded from a website called I searched for a movie poster font and was able to use it on my poster for the fine print on the bottom of my poster.

The project helped me find my design voice and made me realize the thought process it takes to create a movie poster that showcases a movie’s energy. I got some great tips from my good friend Jessie Hazel! Check out her website!