Personal Styles Make the Photographer

Natalia Demi Photography: Portrait, Food, Product Photography

My name is Natalia Demi Perez. I am a photographer who specializes in portrait, food, and product photography. I have been taking photos for 3 years. My love for photography started as a hobby and has developed into a career.

Portrait: Photographing people is a mastery of not only lighting your subject well but also styling. Choosing different locations or different makeup looks are all that goes into making a portrait photograph amazing.

Food: Anyone can photograph food, but taking it to the next level with different stylized props and different complementary elements are things I have learned that can make your food game go through the roof.

Product: Trying unique angles on familiar products is exactly why I chose to specialize in product photography. I love the way a simple product can be made complex and elegant with the changing of lights and added props.

Taking an amazing photograph isn’t simply pointing and shooting. There are other outside elements needed to make the photo. With my knowledge of these elements, you too can have amazing photos for your business or website. Hiring me is as easy as a click of the camera.