Shooting Architecture Photography on Vacation

I love traveling! I try to take as many photographs as I can when I am on vacation, especially of the classic tourist spots. Architecture photography is the style of photography focused on buildings and their architectural beauty. In order to up your photography game, you need to look for something different in the ordinary.

To stand out in a sea of architecture photographers, you will want to photograph the same buildings that everyone takes photos of but in an entirely new perspective. When you pick a place to tour, try to wander away from all the other photographers or the very clogged locations. This is a sure sign that this specific spot has had the most photos taken. Instead, try to take a step back and see things in different angles. A building can have amazingly small details on the inside or even outside of the building. Photographing those details can still be the famous location, just in a new perspective. Doing research beforehand is a great way to see what everyone else photographs. A quick google search of the famous venues can show you many photo angles to avoid when you get to the location. Buildings have history and were artistically crafted for all to enjoy. Taking in the beauty of the architectural features like the shape of the building or the windows or even the beams inside are great things to photograph.

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