After the Loss of her Fiancé, a Young Woman is Driven Mad with Grief.

Storytelling is a form of photography that may seem overwhelming to capture but in reality, is a skill that can be learned over time. We are lead to believe that storytelling needs to be shown through motion, like video, when in fact storytelling is an art form that can be implemented in still photography. The key to doing this is in the emotion and gestures of the subject.


This photo shoot was a fun way to think outside of the box and figure out how to meld both of those aspects in telling a story through still photography. The set was at a barn outside in the middle of the night. But how were we able to see our models if it’s pitch black? The light was created through a light painting technique. Light painting is when you keep the shutter of your camera open in a pitch black environment and shine a light on your subject via a flashlight or floodlight. As you can see there appears to be two colored lights shining on the subject. This is because of the different types of light.  which adds to the emotion of the fiance leaving his espoused. 

My second photo as you can see has a blur on her face. This was done with a long exposure time of about 30 seconds. The model was still for the first 20 seconds of the photo then moved to the side for the rest of the time. This shows a creepy sort of twisted emotion while being a still photograph. With the use of amazing models and inspiration, you too can create amazing stories. For inspiration check out Sebastian Jacobitz’s blog on how to create a story via still photography.