Capturing the Best Photos of your Venue

This requires a lot of planning and making sure your lighting is just right. Venue photography can be a great way to receive greater clientele. Photographing a venue can seem daunting, but the main thing is to be familiar with lighting in the venue space and your camera settings. These are the best ways to get the best photos of your venue. The possibility of over or underexposing your photo will be greater if you do not get accustomed to the venue you are shooting in. Take a walk around and see where the lighting changes from room to room and find something to feature in the photo. This is the best way to get a feel for your lighting. Your next key thing is to decide on the mood of the venue. Is it a moody setting or is it a bit more cheerful? Looking at lighting will help you decide on just what type of light to accentuate in your venue. Venue photography can be made easy with these small steps!

A big thanks to the Venue in Rigby Idaho for letting me photograph their gorgeous venue!