Shooting Women’s Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is a great way to build your portfolio and showcase your amazing clothing and fashion line. Learning how to direct your models is a big part of fashion photography. The idea of telling someone how to pose and how to sit can seem stressful and daunting but with the right mindset and prep work, you can elevate your fashion photography with ease. Prepping can be in choosing your lens and choosing what clothing or fashion piece to photograph.

Choosing a lens all depends on the emphasis of clothing items you are photographing and the amount of space in your studio. These photos were all taken on a Canon t6i with a 50 mm prime lens. This type of lens is great for full length or waist level portraits. In my shoot, I emphasized on photographing women’s fashion and chose to photograph mostly their top halves because of the small space I was in and the background floor not being as engaging. There were several different lighting setups that were used to get a variety of looks and setups. Fashion is all about variety and being able to showcase different clothing items. High fashion would include a bigger setup and greater emphasis on the brand through external props. I chose to be simplistic in how my fashion photography portraits were photographed.

These fashion photography portraits were all edited with Lightroom Classic cc.

A big thanks to all the wonderful models! Click on their name to check out their Instagram!

Check out my friend Meghan Nelson’s blog post on shooting women’s fashion photography. Rachel Gregg’s post on fashion photography gives great insight on how to search for models! A big thanks to the Venue in Rigby Idaho for letting my friends and I use their gorgeous space.