To Brand Or Not To Brand

A brand needs to be a consistent flow of similar ideas that demonstrate what your product or company is. When there is uniformity there is a sense of professionalism in your brand. Since I am a photographer, I want clients to trust that I am ready for any caliber of work they expect from me which is why my visible branding is vital to my success. To create a brand, you need to find inspiration. So I did what anyone needing inspiration would do and swiped through Pinterest and several other websites. I then was able to create a mood board to base my whole brand as a photographer off of. This included the style of font, color palette, the logo, etc. The branding of a photography business can help set you apart from any person with a camera. People are more willing to trust your skill if you are an established, well-polished brand. The general branding I have constructed is a very simplistic modern brand. I love the color blue based the rest of my branding from there. A website that has helped me become inspired isĀ  Vanessa Godfrey’s website. I would encourage you to seek inspiration from others and find what makes your brand you.