Highlighting Accessories in a Fashion Photo Shoot

When working on fashion shoots, you will not only want to photograph the clothing the model is wearing. Highlighting the different accessories your models are wearing can be a great way to branch out in your fashion photography. You can photograph a whole outfit and then focus on the accessories the model is wearing in the same shot. You can either style the model to pose the accessories or you can take a far away shot and then crop in to see the accessories. The main thing when shooting fashion photography is to not have the same pose for the same accessories. If you are posing your model in a specific way each time they are modeling an accessory, let’s say a bracelet, you will bore your audience and will seem like you are not putting in any effort into your photo shoot. Try to have maybe 3-5 different poses for the same type of accessories but no more so you don’t distract too greatly from the chosen accessories. Branch out in your styled accessories shoot. I chose to focus on makeup, footwear (boots), wedding bouquet, and jewelry.

These fashion photography portraits were all edited with Lightroom Classic cc.

A big thanks to all the wonderful models!