Capturing Golden Hour Silhouettes at the Sand Dunes

Golden hour is that time of day either just right after sunrise or right before sunset. The sun gives off red and golden light rather than the harsh bright daytime rays. In photography, this is the best time to take photos of people because the light is flattering and soft. The photos will have warm colors throughout so if you are a fan, take your photos at this time.  Just taking selfies during golden hour isn’t enough to boost your photography game. You can get creative and take photos of just your subject’s silhouettes during golden hour. This creates some amazing photos. To get even more creative shots you can take photos landscape as well as people. Capturing photos during golden hour of your subject’s silhouette is easy with these simple steps.


Make sure when taking your photos you are at a low aperture. This sounds counterintuitive but the aperture works in the opposite way you would think. The amount of light that is coming from the sunset is surprisingly bright. I found that during golden hour, you would need to photograph your photos at a low aperture. The smaller the opening is, the less light will come in. This is great when you are wanting to create a silhouette. The photograph will appear darker and richer which is exactly what you would want when getting the right silhouette.

Lenses with different apetures

Long Distance: Aperture F/11, Shutter Speed 1/320, ISO 100

Holding Hands: Aperture F/16.0,  Shutter Speed 1/30, ISO 100

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