Use Flashlights For Lit Outdoor Shots

Night photography is all about long exposure. Since there is no light, light can be added in to get really cool effects! The best way to get amazing photos is to make sure you create some sort of movement or depth in your photo. Think creatively and outside of the box and you too can get some epic shots. The photos in this post were taken with a Canon t6i in manual mode. Different Lights were also used to create different effects. For the first two photos, I used colored fiber optic lights and brushed the behind my models. Keep reading to see how you can create these awesome shots!

fiber optic cable wand


What are the Settings?

To get these shots, I used a tripod and a 2-second timer. These two elements help so you don’t have camera shake (blurry image).  You can also use a trigger if you have one if not a timer is the second best route. These photos were taken in complete darkness. In order to see some light, you will need to try these settings to start out. You will want a long shutter speed of about 15-30 seconds. This gives more time for you to move your light source around and get a well exposed light trail. Depending on what your subject is will all depend on what aperture you setting you use. For these shots, I was in the F/5.6-F/9 range.


Masking in the Ambience

These next three photos are long exposure shots as well. The first shot is straight out of the camera at an ISO of 100, an aperture of F/5.6, and a shutter speed of 5 seconds. This was taken outdoors with a wheel that had lights attached to it. The next few images are the same shot but at a different angle and with an added overlay. I used an image from the official NASA website. There, you can find some nice high-quality photos that are free to use. I edited the photo in Photoshop using the layer mask tool. I then brushed in the starry image with a low opacity and a soft brush.

Now it’s your turn to get creative. Get out there and start shooting. Don’t be afraid of taking photos in the dark anymore. With your trusty flashlight, anything is possible. For more inspiration check out JotForm Photography for some great long exposure photos!