Product Photography Tips for Outdoor Lighting

Shooting product photography can be done in any location. There different methods to ensure you get the best shot of your product. The biggest key is to make sure your product is well light and not in a shaded area. If you are in a shaded area make sure to use different lighst such as a speedlight or a softbox. The product needs to be well light to ensure it looks intriguing enough to purchase.

Bracketing Is Key to Backgrounds

This shot was done with a method known as bracketing. This is when the camera takes 3 photos in one take with different exposures; regular, high, and low. This is used when you want to adequately capture the background while ensuring your subject is well light. The images are separate but you can merge them together with the programs  Camera Raw or Lightroom. I used Camera Raw and was able to get this merged raw file. The background showed up darker and looked way better. This is what can make your product stand out from other products on the web. You would use this method when you want to showcase both the product and a natural background without having to mask in something for the background.