How to Make Levitation Photos with Post Production Work

How to create amazing levitation photos with post-production work. Editing your photos in photoshop with overlays and mask layers helps to create an amazing photo. Your imagination can run wild and help you create some amazing photos. These photos in this post are all done with the mask overlay tool. I included a diagram which shows where you can find the mask layer tool. This will create a layer where you can draw out or draw in on your background image. 

mask tool


Mask Layer Tool

The photo above is the original photo taken without any edits or post-production work. To create a levitation photo you need to take a photo with your model on a bench or chair to support them off of the ground. You will then take a photo without the model or the chair, just the background. In Photoshop you will open up both photos and have the image without the model on the bottom and the photo with the model on top. You will then select the brush tool and brush over any unwanted things in your image (say the chair or bench your model is sitting on). This will then give the illusion that they are floating. Levitation is a great way to tune into your creative side.

These two photos are different editing styles on the same levitation photo. As you can see in the first photo I made the grass very bright and saturated to give it a dreamy unrealistic look. Adding the stars in the background made it that much more dreamy. Levitation is all about dreamy unrealistic vibes. People don’t normally levitate so this is an artistic approach to a style of photography.


The photo above is with two different images. I used a photo of the moon and covered the mountain to still maintain the space vibe of the levitation photo. I then added a separate photo with a galaxy on my model to further her floating into space. Levitation is an easy manipulation that can be done in photoshop. I recommend doing levitaion photography in post production if you want to change an ordinary photo and make it unordinary. This can be so unique and so different in your own artistic vision. Don’t limit yourself to the laws of gravity. Try to make yourself levitate and think outside the box! 

The photos I used were from the Nasa Image Gallary. You can download some amazing high-quality images that are free use for your next overlay project. Also, check out Peta Pixel’s post on how to get even more creative with levitation photography.