Product Photography in Creative Ways

Product photography doesn’t need to be confined to just pointing and shooting at the product. You can use external elements to elevate your product’s appearance. For these photos, I included elements that make the photo interesting and engaging but also easy to acquire. Product photography is all about selling your product and the best way to do this is to get creative in how you photograph your products. This can involve a spray bottle, color changing, or even blurring and freezing motion.

Splashing Water on Product

The photo of the snowboarding goggles is a great example of the spray bottle effect. This was all done in camera with an external light facing in the same direction as the water spray. If you want the water droplets to show up on a dark background like mine, you will need to do this setup! The water droplets move pretty fast so the best way to get them all in focus is to up your shutter speed. I had to take several shots until I was able to capture all of the droplets in an awesome way. 

Color Changing Products

The photograph of the smoke bomb was done outside with all natural light. The color of this particular product was actually green but with the selective color slider in Lightroom, I was able to manipulate the photo and create an amazing product shot with blue rather than green. This can be great when you have a product that isn’t colored correctly. The slider allows you to change anything that is the same color and make it saturated, desaturated, or even a different color. I think it’s great for product photography to make yourlabels or logos much more colored or epic.


Blurring or Freezing Products

The photograph with the hot cocoa required 3 different lights and a slow shutter speed. To create a blurred motion you will need to do this all on a tripod to get the product nice and sharp while having one of the other products moving.  I used hot cocoa powder as my moving product and had the mug and container of the hot cocoa as my static (unmoving) aspect of my photography. This creates for some tantalizing shots when using powdery products. You can also throw the powder up and use a fast shutter to get some epic freeze motion shots. 

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