Lights are Everything

Studio quality photos can be taken anywhere! With the use of a speedlight and a whole lot of patience, you can create some amazing shots. SQIBB stands for studio quality invisible black backdrop which is the act of blacking out your background by manipulating your camera settings. The need for a physical backdrop is no longer when you can master your camera setting. With practice, you can create stunning photos with an invisible black backdrop.

As you can see there is a lot of light and different distracting walls in my set up shot. Don’t worry or stress that something in the background will appear in your photo. Instead, focus on what part of your subject you want to have shown in the photograph. Once you have a location and your subject set, you will focus on the camera settings. The aperture of your camera will be small let in little bits of light. This will create the subject to be dark. This is where a speedlight (electronic flash) comes in handy. You will want to position your flash in a way that is  The settings recommended for blacking out your background are ISO 100 and shutter speed 1/250. Your F stop is all dependent on where you are located. If you are outside I would recommend using the F/22, if you are indoors either an F/5.6-8. 

The above photos were taken with a group of my friends. The photo above has no edits to the background it’s all straight out of the camera. We roamed campus in search of an interesting location. We opted for this dimly lit spot in an art gallery and found great success. Check out what photos they took that day! Jessie Hazel

Alexander Weston Schindler shows that you can take a normal object and make it much more unique with the SQIBB technique. Visit his blog for more inspiration for your next photo shoot!