Outdoor Portrait Photography

Taking photos in nature is an amazing opportunity to try something new. You have amazing lighting and amazing venues! An element to take your photos to the next level is to include a human element. I chose three different locations with three different models to give each location a humanized side to the chosen natural location. I had each model choose a theme that was an outdoor activity that they enjoyed doing. I had a hiker, a rock climber, and a fisherman. Outdoor portraits are amazing when you can take photos of the scenery with your model.

Check out my friend and model Kory Burrows’s website!

ND Filter





For this shot, I used all natural lighting. I was on the shore of the lake so there was no way to get a light to him anyways. I used an ND Filter to help me get the best possible light of my subject and my background.


Check out my friend and model Kiley Lee’s website!

Gold Reflector





For this shot, I used a gold reflector and natural light. The key to getting the perfect shot is to focus light not only on the subject but also on the background. You will need to get your settings low enough to get the background well lit. You would then adjust your reflector to get some of the sunlight on the face. This location was against a barn so it was dark on her face. With patience and many shots you too will get an amazing outdoor portrait.

Check out my friend and model Mayra Lopez’s website!

This photo was taken with a great location in the background. This was all natural lighting like the first photo. The key was to position my model in a great spot with lots of light on the model’s face. I also used the ND filter to get the best lowlight in my camera. This allowed me to get the background not overexposed and the model was well light.